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When a Hurricane hits, you'll need money right away to get back on your feet - often thousands of dollars. StormPeace will help you pay your insurance deductibles, evacuation expenses or other losses not covered by windstorm insurance. StormPeace automatically pays you when a named storm hits your location. The stronger the hurricane, the greater the payment. There are no deductibles and 98% of claims are paid within 72 hours, most within 24 hours.

StormPeace claims money can be used for ANY expense you may incur due to hurri- cane losses from/to:

  • Swimming pool cages, boat docks, piers, sea walls

  • Fallen trees and debris removal; damage to landscape

  • Additional living expenses including cost of evacuation

  • Extended power loss - replace spoiled food or cover generator costs

  • Property, contents, detached structure


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