Individual HEalth Insurance

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Most major medical insurance plans outside of the group (employer-sponsored) market can now only be found on the Marketplace Exchange.

The Marketplace Exchange can be advantageous for individuals or families that are self-employed, work on contract or do not receive coverage through their employer. While the Marketplace Exchange has a reputation for being a difficult and confusing system to navigate, improvements over the years have made the experience much less painful. At Novel Insurance, we work with HealthSherpa to assist our clients in obtaining health insurance through the Marketplace Exchange in Florida.

To quote yourself or your family, all you will need is your zip code, DOBs for the members included on the plan, and your households estimated annual gross income.

Keep in mind that plans are generally the lowest in cost at the "silver" tier of plans. This is because they include CSRs or Cost-Share Reductions that can lower your overall deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums for the year.

Please see the link below for the portal to the HealthSherpa quoting tool or contact us if you are in need of any assistance.