Long Term Care

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The vast majority of individuals we sit with do not carry long-term care insurance, and that is not without reason. Most people don't even think about it or know what it is. In some cases, people have thought about it but either expect Medicare in advanced age to pay for their expenses or believe that their spouse will take care of them if the need arises in the future. Sometimes it is simply uncomfortable to think about and the need for insurance goes unacknowledged.

Unfortunately, all of those cases usually don't work out as planned when the time comes. Long-term care can be one of the most significant financial expenditures in retirement and many Americans are unprepared.

Below is an infographic produced by Nationwide that very well explains the need and options when it comes to Long-Term Care insurance


Long-Term Care coverage can be purchased either as a standalone policy or in conjunction with life insurance. Qualifying for benefits from the policy generally begin when the insured needs assistance with at least two of the six activities of daily living (ADLs).

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